Project Staff

Project Director: Debra E. Kachel, Affiliate Faculty, School of Education, School Library Media Endorsement Program, Antioch University Seattle

Principal Investigator: Keith Curry Lance, Ph.D., Consultant, RSL Research Group, Louisville, CO 

Research Analyst: Marcia J. Rodney, President, RSL Research Group, Louisville, CO

Research Analyst: Bill Schwarz, Vice President and Manager, RSL Research Group, Louisville, CO

Infographics & Video Designer/Interview Analyst: Leah Breevoort, Research Analyst, RSL Research Group, Louisville, CO

Web Development: Zeth Lietzau, Next Iteration, LLC, Denver, CO

Project Evaluator: Mary K. Biagini, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Information Culture and Data Stewardship; Director, School Library Certification Program, University of Pittsburgh

Project Interviewers

Susan D. Ballard, retired Director of Library, Media & Technology Services (Londonderry, NH), former Vice-President of the National Collaborative for Digital Literacy, and Past-President, American Association of School Librarians

Deb Levitov, Ph.D., retired school librarian, coordinator of school libraries, and former Editor of School Library Monthly and Teacher Librarian

Rebecca Morris, Ph.D., Teaching Associate Professor, School of Computing and Information, University of Pittsburgh 

Mark Ray, Future Ready Librarians Lead and presenter, writer, content creator, and consultant

Project Volunteers

Caitlin Gerrity, Associate Professor of Library Science, Southern Utah University 

Deeth Ellis, Head Librarian Boston (MA) Latin School & Doctoral Student in Library Science, Simmons University