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Students without librarians isn’t a staffing issue, it’s an EQUITY issue!

Students Without School Librarians: An Equity Issue

The first SLIDE infographic spotlights some of the major findings of the report, Perspectives on School Librarian Employment in the United States, 2009-10 to 2018-19. It refocuses attention from the overall reduction in school librarians over the past decade to the dramatic equity issues raised by the fact that access to school librarians is in greatest jeopardy for students in districts with certain district characteristics and student demographics.

The School Library Pipeline: State Factors Influencing Supply & Demand

The second SLIDE infographic illustrates state-to-state variations in the presence and enforcement of mandates that schools employ librarians and the number of higher education institutions in each state preparing school librarians.

School Librarian Inequity: A State-by-State Comparison

The third SLIDE infographic presents the latest available data from the National Center for Education Statistics and state education departments about inequities from state to state in access to school librarians for schools and for students. The front page of this two-page infographic summarizes the extremity of these inequities, while the back page offers a state by state data table for 2020-21.

Data Speaks: Preliminary Data on the Status of School Librarians in the U.S.

The first infographic presenting data from the SLIDE study was produced by Teacher Librarian magazine in June 2021.